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Investing in wine is currently a highly attractive form of investment. While many see wine as a pleasure, investing in wine can be an incredibly smart decision as well. 

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Investing in wine - a straight forward investment opportunity

Have you ever thought about wine as an investment? For the last 20 years, wine has generated a higher return than stocks and shares, so if you want to invest your money, then an investment in wine can be a really good solution.

At B-wineinvest, we have more than 15 years of experience in wine, and we help customers from Denmark as well as customers from all around the world to find the right investment in wine.

Did you know?

Since the year 2000, wine has increased in value by almost 250%, while stock and shares have done only 129%.

If you had invested DKK 25,000 back then, your return at present time in case of you selling the wine would have given you just under DKK 62,500.

Gain the highest return on your investment in wine

Your return naturally depends on how large a sum you are willing to invest. We have many years of experience and can therefore advise you and put together the perfect portfolio for you, so that you gain the highest return on your investment in wine.

Handling and storage

We are responsible for all handling of your portfolio as well as storage of your selected wines. Your entire portfolio will be stored at the perfect temperature and in the dark, so that the wine develops perfectly. Storage costs a maximum of 2% of your portfolio sum per year. The money goes to handling/storage/insurance.

Our recommendations to achieve the best wine investment

We recommend that you give your portfolio at least five years to gain a good and solid return.

Contact us and hear more about investing in wine or get started today

Do you have any questions about investing in wine, do you need additional information, or would you like to start building a portfolio today? Whether it is for one reason or the other, you are always very welcome to contact us. We have many years of experience in investing in wine, and we will be happy to help you ensure that you get the most out of your money’s worth.

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