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B-wineinvest Guide

In recent years, wine has made a remarkable entrance into the world of alternative investments. It has become an extremely popular investment, as wine seems to always perform better in crises than other types of investments.



Your return of course depends on how large a sum you invest, but it is important as well that you invest in rare wines, of which there are few on the market and therefore in high demand. At B-wineinvest, we advise you and together we create a tailored portfolio.



In the last 20 years, wine investment has had better returns than stocks and shares, mainly due to the great demand and a very small production when it comes to high in demand exclusive wines. 

The value of the wine will gradually increase from year to year and at B-wineinvest we will continuously monitor the wine's development


Length of invetsment

We recommend that you wait at least 5 years before selling the wine, as the wine only increases in price after a few years.

B-wineinvest would like to be of assistance in selling the wine at a competitive 6% commission instead of various auction houses with their 16-32%.



In the past 20 years wine from Bourgogne has increased in price some 8-10% per year. This means that your investment can yield a return which is twice as high as the sum of your investment.​


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