About B-wineinvest​

My name is Johan, and I am the founder of the company B-wineinvest. Please find below a little about my background and why you should choose me to advise you on your wine investment..​

My experience:

  • Fully educated waiter and I have worked in the industry since 2008
  • Worked at some of the best restaurants in Denmark and consequently found myself working with some of the world's biggest and best wines
  • Worked with wine procurement for the past 10 years
  • Created wine list for some of the best restaurants in Denmark.
  • Wine is a big part of my life and a huge passion
  • The wines you invest in are produced in very small quantities, and in this way you benefit from my good contacts in Bourgogne.
  • I have spent several years working with the harvest in Bourgogne, and this benefits my customers, as I have the opportunity to buy these wines in France.


​Why chose B-wineinvest:

  • B-wineinvest is a sole proprietorship. You therefore do not have to pay the kind of fees the larger companies do to cover their employees' wages
  • For the same reason, you get the wines at a better price, and your return will thus be greater.
  • For me, wine investment is a passion and not just a company and a cashcow.
  • You get rid of all the small fees that the other companies have, and only pay for wine and insurance/storage
  • I guarantee the good contact and keep the customers updated on how much their investment is increasing.   


Brodersen Invest 

CVR: 41890584


Mjølnersvej 10, 

9990 Skagen